RPG Symphony of Eternity 1.1.7

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High quality RPG for Android(TM) User.

Moving to SD card is enabled on ver.1.0.5 or higher!
Please update the game!

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High quality JRPG for Android(TM) User.
This story mainly includes two factor: One is the quest for a legendary weapon "Regratlute" which makes its bearer's desires come true.
The hero Kreist is the cool guy who're willing to get the weapon and take the happy golden years, rescuing his concerned people with the power of Regratlute. His friend Dauturu is the hot-hearted ancient golem who agrees Kreist's dream.
Another factor is the coup d'etat of Eashtend kingdom. Honesty and kind king, queen, ladies and gentlemen in the royal family are totally killed by the traitor, lady Safario with the dark desire to conquer whole the world.
This two storyline becomes into one stream when Laishutia who says she is the escaped princess of Eashtend royal family encounters Kreist and Dauturu. To get back the Eashtend from traiter's clutch, they decide to be a party to seek Regratlute and defeat the traitors.


- Japanese, English

- devices with WVGA or larger screen resolution.

- RPG, role playing, old school, Fantasy, turn base

(*This app is mainly targetting WVGA-class screen devices. Layout can be broken in some unexpected screen-sized devices or devices with special specification.)

(2011-08-12 info)
Greetings customers. This time I announce that we'll make an update very soon. The main feature of the update is...

*All sound data is converted from MIDI to OGG.
This can result the increasement of sound quality and sound-bugfix for a few handsets. On the other hand, the app volume is dreadly increased from this version. (about 30MB before applying copy protect).

*MicroSD card install is enabled.

Maybe you'll say that I should mention about the update for smaller displays(HVGA). I'm sorry but I can't say anything about that. We always weigh this issue heavily.

(2011-08-25 info)
Greetings customers. From yesterday to now, we've dealt with the update and I think I've finally succeeded providing proper update!

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